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Since 2006, When Shaheer Impex was first started as manufacturing unit of PVC BAGS, we remained to commit  our customers in PVC, PPE, NON WOVEN & PEVA BAGS. We are importing Packaging Raw Materials and Accessories from Taiwan & China.

Our persisting dedication to provide the top quality products and services to our customers has allowed us to become one of the main manufacturer in Pakistan and also we are exporting PVC BAGS to different countries.


Our Services

Customized PVC Bag Production

PVC bag manufacturers offer customization services to meet the specific needs of their clients. This involves producing PVC bags in various sizes, shapes, and designs based on the requirements provided by customers. Customization may extend to features such as zipper closures, handles, pockets, and transparent sections. The ability to tailor PVC bags to unique specifications allows businesses to have packaging that aligns with their branding and product requirements

Printing and Branding

Many PVC bag manufacturers provide printing and branding services to add logos, product information, or other graphics to the bags. Printing on PVC bags can be done using various methods such as screen printing or heat transfer printing. This service allows businesses to enhance the visual appeal of their products, communicate essential information, and reinforce brand identity through packaging.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring the quality and compliance of PVC bags is a crucial service offered by manufacturers. This involves using high-quality PVC materials that meet safety standards and regulations. Quality assurance may include testing the bags for durability, resistance to environmental factors, and compliance with relevant industry specifications. Adhering to quality standards is vital to guarantee that the PVC bags effectively protect the enclosed items and maintain their integrity during storage and transportation

With considerable experience in the field of bag designing & production, we produce Home Textile, Garment & endless variety bags in a diverse range of styles not only as per customer’s ideas, but also our own designer’s artistic creativity.

Shaheer Impex